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    Digital Tourism Destinations in Selayar are progressing

    Minggu, 03 November 2019, 05:19 WIB Last Updated 2020-03-07T03:29:48Z

    NEWSTAR ■ Digital tourism destinations continue to grow in Selayar. Proved to have penetrated Bumi Tanadoang, nickname Selayar Islands. Digital Destination itself is a tourist attraction that accentuates certain uniqueness so that it has a more instgramable view.

    Digital Destinations are focused by the Ministry of Tourism as an effort to capture the trend of local tourists who tend to look for attractions to take pictures (selfie or wefie).

    In the Selayar Archipelago itself, the Digital Destination initiative is mostly carried out by the Indonesian Archipelago Generation (Genpi).

    Genpi is a community formed by the Ministry of Tourism to unite the vision and ideas of tourism activists in promoting tourism in their respective regions.

    On Bumi Tanadoang, tourist objects that are instagramable can be found in several places. Call it the Matalalang Mangrove Forest which was transformed into a fun location for selfies.

    The fence on the footbridge in the Matalalang Mangrove Forest is painted in colorful colors with a neat combination. As for some corners, ornaments and trinkets are installed which make the appearance of the destination located in Matalalang Hamlet more lively.

    "The place becomes more beautiful for the photos in a lot sesion," said Risna Oktaviani, one of the visitors.

    Another object dressed up as Digital Destination is Kampung Lalemang, located in Patilereng Village, about 15 km from Benteng City, the capital of the Selayar Islands.

    The flow of the river and several gazebos installed at several points look more charming with bamboo bridges and complementary ornaments installed at certain spots.

    "We see the potential and ask local tourists, especially teenagers, who are increasingly increasing in digital tourism objects," said Mumun from the Selayar Archipelago Genpi.

    Regular events are held such as the Lalemang Colorful Art and Culture Tourism Market, a multi-content activity that brings together art, culinary and other tourism activities on the object.

    As for other attractions that you can visit in the Selayar Islands for photo activities, together or in a crowd, such as the Tanadoang Peak in Bontomarannu Village, Tamamelong and Sunari Beach Tourism Objects which are now polished to meet the desires of tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature while capturing it on social media .

    The Selayar Archipelago is in the stage of becoming one of the Special Economic Zones (KEK) in the Tourism sector. The presence of several digital attractions is expected to contribute to efforts to support the grand plan.

    Source: ayokeselayar.com
    Editor: Dimas


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